Funding Procedure

The Providence Systems Foundation accepts and processes Letters of Interest (LOI) throughout the year. Qualifying organizations may submit a LOI to the Foundation using the following instructions:

Criteria for Letter of Intent/Interest (LOI)

  • Proposals should be printed on white paper, pages should be numbered.
  • Proposals should not be placed in binders or folders. One staple or paper clip in the upper-left hand corner securing all pages is sufficient.

On the cover page, please list

  1. Letter date
  2. Organization’s name and contact information (full address, including mailing address if different, and telephone, fax, and Web address)
  3. Organization’s federal tax-exempt number
  4. Contact person’s name, title, and contact information (telephone, fax, e-mail)
  5. Dollar amount of this funding request
  6. Total project budget (if applicable)
  7. Organization’s current budget and fiscal year
  8. Period this funding request will cover

Letter Text: In a maximum of two pages, please include:

  1. Purpose of funding request. Please describe:
    a. The issue/need you are addressing
    b. The target population, number of individuals, and geographic
    area that will benefit from this proposal
    c. What you hope to accomplish (outputs and/or inputs)
    d. How you intend to accomplish the above
  2. Name and brief description of roles of partners on this project (if applicable)
  3. Brief organizational history and brief description of previous year’s accomplishments.

Required attachments:

  1. List of current funding sources (foundation, corporate, major donors) and amount of support.
  2. One-page project budget (omit for general operating requests
  3. Organization’s current budget