Impact on Action

The foundation will strive to discover the potential for partnership and to build productive relationships. These relationships should involve continuous learning and teaching by both the foundation and partner organizations.

Self-Knowledge – What is the foundation willing and able to bring to this partnership? The answer should address not only money, but also time, expertise and advocacy.

Knowledge of Applicant – We gather as much information as we can through honest, welcoming conversation. We seek to discover detailed information about the planning and the processes necessary to achieve the organization’s mission.

Knowledge of Environment –We learn about the whole environment in which the potential partner works. A failure to understand the organization in its community can greatly reduce the effectiveness of grant-making.

Knowledge of Process – How does the organization accomplish its goals/mission on a day-to-day basis?

Knowledge of Outcomes –At the beginning of the discovery process, we agree upon metrics, criteria and language that will be considered success. By what criteria can they and we make judgments?

The Foundation supports organizations within these categories that have a well-defined sense of purpose, have demonstrated commitment or a maximizing of available resources, and have a reputation for meeting objectives around quality programs and services.