Impact on Significance

To harness the collective power of Buffini & Company’ employees and clients in raising awareness and funds for nonprofit organizations - thus having a lasting and positive impact on communities throughout the nation.

Mission Statement
The Providence Systems Foundation is dedicated to impacting and improving the lives of others through advocacy, support and partnership.

Core Values of the Program

  • Acceptance of one another and encouragement of faith-based spiritual growth. Treating others with humility, dignity, respect and honesty.
  • We believe that people have the capacity to help themselves and the best we can do is to provide opportunities for them. We can be most effective by supporting organizations whose leaders are passionate.
  • Be committed to excellence in achieving results.
  • Seek improvements and impact that outlast our grant dollars.
  • The Foundation supports organizations within the following categories that have a well-defined sense of purpose, have demonstrated commitment or a maximizing of available resources, and have a reputation for meeting objectives around quality programs and services:
    • Focused Core Model Leadership
    • Entrepreneurial
    • Faith Based – Christian values